50 Great Writers

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I’m honored to be part of the book “50 Great Writers You Should be Reading”. I was voted by my readers and I appreciate their adding me. The book will be available late in January 2017. I’ve ordered mine. Thanks again to all my readers who voted.


Funny commercial

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I found this on one of my external hard drives and liked it enough to ¬†post on my Facebook page, but was told by FB that I couldn’t because there was some copyright issues, so they deleted it. The commercial is about two years old and all it can do is promote the product, which I think the advertiser would want. So I brought it here, hope you get a good laugh like I did.


Jim Richards Returns

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“Eulogy for Murder” is the 37th book in the Jim Richards series as he returns with his wife, Penny, and their friends, Buck, Trapper and Earl going back from Las Vegas to Michigan for a funeral. While at the funeral, Jim runs into an old friend, Barry Becker, now a detective in Jim’s home city. Becker is investigating a murder at the funeral home and Jim with his friends help to work the case. Although Jim has to be wary of Penny who doesn’t like his getting involved in murder cases. The murder victims were involved with a Mob run construction company and they are not getting cooperation from the family. Here’s the first Amazon 5 star reviews so far:

“Addiction continues!
By Maggie Stewart-Grant on November 26, 2016
Once again Bob spins gold. Such strong characters in Jim and Penny! I tell you what..I felt it when Penny let loose on that guy! I want to be her in my next life. I hope Bob writes for a long time to come. We know we’re not the only ones who love him!”

“Just Cannot Get Enough of Jim, Penny and the Gang!
By Susan Haughton on November 26, 2016
Once again, it’s Jim (AND Penny!) to the rescue as they help out their old friend Becker back home in Michigan. They’re accompanied by a host of regulars, too, even though they’re away from home for this crime scene. The suspense – and the fun – never stops for this intrepid duo.”


“Eulogy for Murder” is now available on Amazon at a reduced rate. Do a search for it to see. Soon Available for Nook, Kobo and Apple.


Free Book Offer

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If you haven’t downloaded the free “Classmate Murders” or the free “Ghost Squad #1” from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo or Apple, then you can get in on the free offer of the 36th Jim Richards book “Murder Vegas Style” which is being given away free inside the two free books mentioned. Download one or the other and give them a read. At the end of each book is a link that will take you to where you can get the extra free book. This is a special deal only available to readers who select the first free book of each series. Use your ereader of choice and go to the bookstore and grab the books, then follow the directions to get your free book downloaded to you.



Book Pricing

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My Opinion on .99 cent Books


When I first started putting my ebooks up on Amazon seven years ago I had no idea what to charge for them. I put my first book “Classmate Murders” there and was asking $7.99 for it, I sold one. Then I saw what others were pricing their books at and adjusted accordingly. After putting my 8th book on Amazon, I was seeing a trend towards .99 cent books. I personally felt that my books, along with all the thought and work I put into them, was worth more than the price of a candy bar.

But the need to get my books out to the public caused me to start giving away my first book free as an incentive to buy all my books eventually. I started to give that first book to whoever wanted it, mostly on Twitter and Facebook for just an email address. The purpose I had in mind was to have people read the “introductory” book of my characters. Then they hopefully would want to read more about them in later books.

Then I started fooling around with pricing on Amazon for my books. After the first free book, I started offering the next couple books at .99 cents only to get people to read more. The rest of the books will remain with a price that I feel is reasonable for what they are getting. I’m selling the rest of the books from $2.99 to $3.99 depending on how new the book is.

People go into Starbucks and spend about $4.00 for a cup of fancy coffee that they will drink down and later piss away. What do they get for the price? A moment of pleasure from the drink, which I don’t know about because I don’t drink coffee. But to pay the same thing for an ebook and get a number of hours and pleasure, plus the ability to read it again, well, is it worth the price of a coffee?

There is one person I know who is selling all his books for .99 and that is his business. Is he trying for shear numbers of sales or gaining an audience? My worry is that people MAY eventually look at this as a normal price for ebooks. Will this person eventually raise his prices? Will he lose sales? Hard to say, but he’s only making 35% on that .99 cents, which amounts to .34 cents profit for each book sold and are his books worth that? I wouldn’t feel that was enough for my efforts, at least not for all my books.

So far my books on Amazon have been selling moderately well. The books selling for .99 book are selling the best of course, but the other books have gained in sales also. I’m presuming because the first free book piqued their interest in the rest. Maybe.

I’ll keep my first book free to introduce people to Jim Richards. I doubt I will go to .99 cent, other than the next three, for any of my other books. We’ll see.

This is my personal opinion and I don’t expect anyone to agree with me, it’s like politics and religion, there are too many people out there with their firm beliefs in things that will never be resolved.

Do You Have a Book in You?

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I’ve heard this statement so many times, it’s almost getting silly. Everyone in the world thinks they have a book in them and they wish they could share it with the world.

I will admit there are probably a good number of good books in people that should be shared with the world, and in my brief experience with writers, I’ve found that there are a few really good gems in a sea of so-so books. I won’t name names, but the other books should have stayed inside the person letting them out on unsuspecting readers. I don’t have the heart to tell someone I met on Facebook or Twitter that I read their book but didn’t find it very good. It may have had a good plot but it was not developed properly to compete with the books I have read by big name authors.

One thing that really annoys me is the number of celebrities out there who have a book. I doubt they actually wrote them by themselves. So they hire a ghostwriter and give them some fact, while the writer puts it in book form. Trump did this with his “Art of the Deal” book. Being a celebrity, their book goes right to the bestseller lists. It must be nice to bypass all of the self-publishers who work hard to get their books noticed. It’s bad enough that there are a dozen big name authors (Patterson, for one) who are guaranteed to be in the top lists.

I’m not saying my books are any better, but I’ve had a good number of unsolicited comments from people about how much they have enjoyed them, so I guess I’ve fooled a few people. Since I don’t have illusions that I’m great at writing, I guess I shouldn’t judge, but I do know what I like or don’t like. So in closing don’t ask me to read your book, I will on my own but I may not say much about it. Or I may drool all over and give you praise as I have to a few writers in the recent past. You know that old saying if you don’t have anything nice to say, well I won’t.

Staring Contest

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This is what I have to look at while I try and work on my computer. I should never have allowed Willy to sit on the keyboard shelf between me and the computer. Now it’s a staring contest that he will win every time. I can get him to lay down and then I can reach over him to type, but he pops up when I don’t want him to. After a while I finally put him in his bed and try to ignore him.