Putting your Books in Paperback

Posted: December 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

I have all the books I’ve written available in paperback now through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I started putting them up to be made into paperbacks through a company called Create Space, which is owned by Amazon. There’s no cost at all other than the ISBN for your book, unless you have your own. Create Space will provide an ISBN for you but they show as your imprint. If you want to have your own name as publisher of the book, you can pay $10 and they will register the book in your name. The books will be sold through Amazon or other distributors depending on who you choose. After you approve your proof of the book, you can then order copies at cost, in as many as you need, one to a hundred or more. The books are made in perfect binding and the covers are glossy and attractive, depending on your cover design. I’ve checked out many book printers and this one is the best for my needs. Look into it if you have a book and want paperbacks made. They are at Createspace.com and I think it’s worth it.



 Here’s all the books I have written on my shelf.

  1. Karen Parker says:

    I would love to buy your paper backs, going to have to buy them a little at a time. Have most on my kindle


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