Customer Service Hell

Posted: December 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

The other day I went to open my Word program to work on another chapter in my latest book. When the program started, a box popped up saying my subscription had expired and if I want to continue using Word, I’d have to renew. When I got the computer, Word 365 was installed, but I had to pay to use it for one year. After that year I would have to renew for $99.99 (why can’t they just say $100, that bugs me) in order to use the program. I have used Word 2010 for years on all my other computers, that I bought once and have used that version of Word without paying a ransom every year.

 I guess Microsoft decided they wanted more money so they went to this annoying ploy to milk more money from us. If I use their Word 365 for five years I would have to pay almost $500 for software that I previously bought for less than a hundred.

 So, I decided to fight back and went to EBay to find a copy of Word 2010 and install it. I found one that was reasonably priced and purchased it. This is where the hell begins. I downloaded the software and plugged in the key code to validate it. But when I did the online validation, I was informed the key code wasn’t valid. I called the software company I bought the program from and the man was more than helpful in telling me to call Microsoft at the number in the pop-up box and validate it that way.

Okay, I called Microsoft and got a machine telling me how to validate. There was a 40-some number code that I was to give to this machine and after numerous tries, the machine kept telling me it couldn’t understand me. I was on my cell phone and the connection wasn’t good, so the machine wasn’t getting the voice commands I was giving it. So the machine transferred me to customer service. I cringed when they answered, I was now in India.

Long story, short, I couldn’t understand the man and I was getting mad. I tried to do what I thought he was saying and gave him the 40-some number code, which I had to repeat a number of times. Finally, he said something to the effect that he was sending me to another place. I just waited, not caring at this moment where I ended up. I heard another machine, speaking in English, telling me it was giving me a code to fill in on the pop-up box. Okay, so I followed the instructions and tried to copy the number it was giving me. There were times when it talked too fast and I had to stop it to redo the numbers. After three tries, I got all the numbers filled in the boxes. The machine told me to click the ‘Next’ button and I did.

Hallelujah, the thing said I was validated. I had spent almost 40 minutes fighting with two machines and a human who couldn’t speak proper English. This is no way to treat customers who are making Microsoft rich. I now have a copy of Word that I can use forever without paying another cent. The way it should be. Until Microsoft figures out a way to screw me out of that.

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