Gus Mackie Book 5 Now Available

Posted: February 10, 2015 in Uncategorized
“Gus Mackie and the Rock Star

Who could possibly hate a famous female rock star? That’s what Gus is hired to find out. The rock star’s manager requests that Gus locate the person responsible for numerous threatening letters, so Gus takes the case. With help from his friend and police homicide detective, Bernie Longmire, Gus starts his investigation by going to the recording studio where Tracy Jean has started a new album. While there someone takes a shot at the woman and it now becomes a goal to protect the singer. Gus harbors her in his home for now but he and Bernie decided on a plot to draw out the attempted murderer. Will they narrow down all the suspects who aren’t fans of the singer, especially since she has a big streak of mean that riles everyone she deals with. She’s not well loved by many, except the people who buy her records. This is the fifth book in the Gus Mackie novella series.




Now Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple iTunes and Kobo. Do a search for it today.



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