Ghost Squad on Audio

Posted: November 14, 2016 in Uncategorized

Reading the books can be entertaining, but listening to them is an easy way to sit back and enjoy the story. My Ghost Squad books are being put on audiobooks. So far there are the first six books and the seventh is in production. My narrator, Tom Force, a former Detroit DJ and voiceover artist for many commercials, is doing the books justice. You can hear a sample by going to and search for the first Ghost Squad book. Click the sample button under the cover and give it a listen. After seven there are two more books to be recorded and hopefully all will be completed by spring of next year. Here’s the audio covers for the first seven books.


  1. Ernie Lycett says:

    hi Bob , love your ghost squad stories on audio books , i have 8 of them up to now , can’t wait to get ghost squad 9. thanks very much Bob

    Ernie , Sheffield Uk

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  2. Thanks Ernie, Ghost Squad 9 will be coming out in a few months after “Our Dangerous Lies” audiobook is completed. Thanks again for enjoying the audiobooks, Bob Moats.


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