Do You Have a Book in You?

Posted: November 16, 2016 in Uncategorized


I’ve heard this statement so many times, it’s almost getting silly. Everyone in the world thinks they have a book in them and they wish they could share it with the world.

I will admit there are probably a good number of good books in people that should be shared with the world, and in my brief experience with writers, I’ve found that there are a few really good gems in a sea of so-so books. I won’t name names, but the other books should have stayed inside the person letting them out on unsuspecting readers. I don’t have the heart to tell someone I met on Facebook or Twitter that I read their book but didn’t find it very good. It may have had a good plot but it was not developed properly to compete with the books I have read by big name authors.

One thing that really annoys me is the number of celebrities out there who have a book. I doubt they actually wrote them by themselves. So they hire a ghostwriter and give them some fact, while the writer puts it in book form. Trump did this with his “Art of the Deal” book. Being a celebrity, their book goes right to the bestseller lists. It must be nice to bypass all of the self-publishers who work hard to get their books noticed. It’s bad enough that there are a dozen big name authors (Patterson, for one) who are guaranteed to be in the top lists.

I’m not saying my books are any better, but I’ve had a good number of unsolicited comments from people about how much they have enjoyed them, so I guess I’ve fooled a few people. Since I don’t have illusions that I’m great at writing, I guess I shouldn’t judge, but I do know what I like or don’t like. So in closing don’t ask me to read your book, I will on my own but I may not say much about it. Or I may drool all over and give you praise as I have to a few writers in the recent past. You know that old saying if you don’t have anything nice to say, well I won’t.

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