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Posted: November 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

My Opinion on .99 cent Books


When I first started putting my ebooks up on Amazon seven years ago I had no idea what to charge for them. I put my first book “Classmate Murders” there and was asking $7.99 for it, I sold one. Then I saw what others were pricing their books at and adjusted accordingly. After putting my 8th book on Amazon, I was seeing a trend towards .99 cent books. I personally felt that my books, along with all the thought and work I put into them, was worth more than the price of a candy bar.

But the need to get my books out to the public caused me to start giving away my first book free as an incentive to buy all my books eventually. I started to give that first book to whoever wanted it, mostly on Twitter and Facebook for just an email address. The purpose I had in mind was to have people read the “introductory” book of my characters. Then they hopefully would want to read more about them in later books.

Then I started fooling around with pricing on Amazon for my books. After the first free book, I started offering the next couple books at .99 cents only to get people to read more. The rest of the books will remain with a price that I feel is reasonable for what they are getting. I’m selling the rest of the books from $2.99 to $3.99 depending on how new the book is.

People go into Starbucks and spend about $4.00 for a cup of fancy coffee that they will drink down and later piss away. What do they get for the price? A moment of pleasure from the drink, which I don’t know about because I don’t drink coffee. But to pay the same thing for an ebook and get a number of hours and pleasure, plus the ability to read it again, well, is it worth the price of a coffee?

There is one person I know who is selling all his books for .99 and that is his business. Is he trying for shear numbers of sales or gaining an audience? My worry is that people MAY eventually look at this as a normal price for ebooks. Will this person eventually raise his prices? Will he lose sales? Hard to say, but he’s only making 35% on that .99 cents, which amounts to .34 cents profit for each book sold and are his books worth that? I wouldn’t feel that was enough for my efforts, at least not for all my books.

So far my books on Amazon have been selling moderately well. The books selling for .99 book are selling the best of course, but the other books have gained in sales also. I’m presuming because the first free book piqued their interest in the rest. Maybe.

I’ll keep my first book free to introduce people to Jim Richards. I doubt I will go to .99 cent, other than the next three, for any of my other books. We’ll see.

This is my personal opinion and I don’t expect anyone to agree with me, it’s like politics and religion, there are too many people out there with their firm beliefs in things that will never be resolved.

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