Jim Richards Returns

Posted: November 27, 2016 in Uncategorized

“Eulogy for Murder” is the 37th book in the Jim Richards series as he returns with his wife, Penny, and their friends, Buck, Trapper and Earl going back from Las Vegas to Michigan for a funeral. While at the funeral, Jim runs into an old friend, Barry Becker, now a detective in Jim’s home city. Becker is investigating a murder at the funeral home and Jim with his friends help to work the case. Although Jim has to be wary of Penny who doesn’t like his getting involved in murder cases. The murder victims were involved with a Mob run construction company and they are not getting cooperation from the family. Here’s the first Amazon 5 star reviews so far:

“Addiction continues!
By Maggie Stewart-Grant on November 26, 2016
Once again Bob spins gold. Such strong characters in Jim and Penny! I tell you what..I felt it when Penny let loose on that guy! I want to be her in my next life. I hope Bob writes for a long time to come. We know we’re not the only ones who love him!”

“Just Cannot Get Enough of Jim, Penny and the Gang!
By Susan Haughton on November 26, 2016
Once again, it’s Jim (AND Penny!) to the rescue as they help out their old friend Becker back home in Michigan. They’re accompanied by a host of regulars, too, even though they’re away from home for this crime scene. The suspense – and the fun – never stops for this intrepid duo.”


“Eulogy for Murder” is now available on Amazon at a reduced rate. Do a search for it to see. Soon Available for Nook, Kobo and Apple.


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