New series for 2017

Posted: December 31, 2016 in Uncategorized

Going to the other side of the law now, this new series is about a hitman in Detroit. After 69 novels I’ve exhausted my brain writing about police and private investigators, so I’m tackling murders through the eyes of a hitman. The first book is called “Our Dangerous Lies” and the story goes:

“Dexter Nash was a killer. He murders for money and it was a business to him. He came out of a bad marriage and decided with all the money he earned murdering people, that he had hidden away, he would retire. A visit to a bar he used to frequent to get his hits from the man who procured other hitmen was his first mistake. His misfortune was to meet the woman who would turn his world around and not in a good way. He then met a man who was looking for the woman and wanted something back that she possessed. Something that was stolen by a man she was involved with years back and it was worth millions. The hunt goes on for finding the valuable object and Dex will face a danger of his own. A hitman was after him. This is the first book about Dexter Nash, will he live to return in another book? This book is a novella, shorter than a novel, but longer than a short story. It’s a quick read on a late night.”

A second book is in the works called, “A Hitman’s Revenge” which I hope will be finished sometime in March. I’ll announce when it’s finished.

Here’s the cover for the book now available on all major ebook retailers.



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