Change of Pace

Posted: January 3, 2017 in My books, Uncategorized

I recently finished a new story about a hitman and it looks at murder through his eyes. I knew it would be a change for my readers who expect my books to be light and fluffy police and P.I. cases. This new series is darker, with very little humor and it was a challenge to write. I got tired of racking my brain to write the same good guy stories like Jim Richards. All seven of my previous series feature good guy detectives and police work, I was getting burnt out and decided to go in a different direction, despite any backlash from my die-hard readers. I write for myself first, then for the readers. Books I have read and enjoyed, despite the genre or the subject matter.

My first Fatal book, “Fatal Rejection” featured a serial killer who worked his way across the US murdering women. He was evil and an unpleasant character, but the book was balanced with the cute antics of Sarah and her friends in the town that the killer was working towards. My new book doesn’t have a balance of cuteness because that isn’t the story.

I’ve gotten mixed reviews so far mostly because my readers are surprised at the change I’ve made with this story. I’m working on a second book and it will be no different than the first. Dexter Nash is a hitman and he murders people. I will give him the humanity he deserves in that he will help people in need, but he’s not Jim Richards. Author John Locke started out his books with his government assassin, Donovan Creed. I read the books and after the third, I was not liking Creed since he murdered a number of innocent people and a couple friends. But he has a ton of fans and has sold a million books. My character will never be like Creed, Dexter Nash will have a sense of propriety of right and wrong, in his own eyes. Dexter Nash is not a good guy, but he is a man with a mission.

Today, January 3rd, I received a call from my good friend Al Norris calling from sunny, warm Florida to finally give me his corrections in the book that he caught. Out of all the Beta/ARC readers who I value for finding errors in the books I have two good people. Al is one. He only found four minor errors in the book and I corrected them in my file to update the story. I mention all this because at the end he asked if I wanted his opinion of the book. I usually hold my breath waiting to hear what he thinks. I value his opinion because he reads constantly and they are stories of crime, black ops and espionage. He has read all 69 previous books of mine and has his favorites, and a few he wasn’t overly excited about.

So, his opinion of this book, he said “This is the best Goddamn book you’ve ever written.” I was very pleased getting his stamp of approval. He had one problem with the story, it was the mention of Trump and he gave his reasons. I had to agree so the half paragraph is no longer in the book. I removed it. Al doesn’t usually give me all-out high praise for my work and he keeps me grounded. This time I was very pleased.

Authors like Patterson, Connelly, and Parker have all gone in different directions with their books. They sample the waters and change to keep from getting stale. After 37 Jim Richards book, I had to change for my sanity. If you enjoy this new book, I’m happy, if not, well, maybe another book will be something you will like.



  1. Russ holthaus says:

    I thought it was an interesting direction and character Bob I thought it was well written and had substance. Not the usual but that’s what was good about the story .

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