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Posted: January 12, 2017 in Uncategorized


Almost eight years ago I joined Twitter and Facebook to help promote my books. Back then I had only a couple books to sell, but over the years I now am up to 70 books. I was having a great time on Twitter meeting new people, who all shared in my desire to write, and to read my books. I developed a nice following but after a while the feed got so crowded with people who I barely knew. So I moved over to Facebook and found the same friends and stated posting there.

A social media expert warned that writers should not only post about their books, it would get boring. So, I started to post things that I found interesting, comics, jokes and stories that people enjoyed reading about. I shared my personal life and in the recent year, I shared about my pet, a Yorkie named Willy. He was named after a dog in my Jim Richards books and he became like a pesky son to me.

Facebook became an interesting place to meet up with people and exchange stories and feelings. However, in the last year or so, it became a place where I decided I wanted to be away from. Politics reared its ugly head and I saw the dark side of people I had come to respect. I’m not a political person, I hated politics and everyone associated with them. Unfortunately, I found myself getting involved in political discussions, mostly about the evil of Trump. I found myself blocking and unfriending people I respected. Why? Because they had different ideological outlook on the man and his hateful rhetoric and the people he associated with. I couldn’t be associated with such people.

Whether or not I wanted to stay friends with these people, was not the problem. The problem was I was becoming just like them. Not that I favored Trump, I despise the man, but I was becoming someone who I didn’t like. So, as of this week, I’m moving all my book information to my author page at and all my personal posts, comics, jokes, stories, Willy and other fun to my blog at, so if you want to follow me, you have to go here. My blog is linked to Facebook, so when I post something on my blog it will appear on my Facebook page. It doesn’t mean I’m posting on Facebook, although I may occasionally.

I hope after the inauguration things do get better, but I doubt it. I’m not going to bother explaining why, because there will be a ton of people who will disagree with me. I don’t need it. I had a longer version of this post, explaining in detail my feelings but I felt, what’s the use? Everyone is set in their own ways, no one will agree.

So I hope people will follow me here to my blog and my author page and stay friends. NO POLITICS! I hope there is a world to enjoy in during 2017. Thanks to the good people.

  1. Maggie says:

    I find myself doing the same thing. I’m keeping messenger for those friends that are real friends and leaving it at that. I have a page for my blogs. That’s it. You wouldn’t believe how quiet it was tonight…or maybe you would. I think a week of this and I might get my sanity back! You go, Bob! More power to you!

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  2. It’s sad that it comes to this. People can ruin a good thing.


  3. Maggie says:

    They can, but maybe it wasn’t that good when it got too big for their IT to handle properly. The same thing happened to MySpace, as I recall. I hated leaving there.

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  4. Debbie Carter says:

    You have the respect of most people on your followings but as in life some do want to spoil the fun you create and share on social media. I, for one are humbled to be a fan of your books and shall always have you as my favorite author. I enjoy your cartoons and stories of you and adorable Willy. I do not follow politics…Canadian or American. I wish you and Willy all the best for 2017 and look forward to the smiles you both bring to my day. Sincerely Debbie Carter

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  5. Thank you Debbie. It’s people like you who make what I do worth while.


  6. Debbie Carter says:

    Your very welcome Bob

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  7. Jack Plunkitt says:

    Bob. Have enjoyed your books, the contests, and keeping up with the “author.” Although I do not share the same political views as you, I have just accepted there are differences in people the same as there are characters in books.
    I wholeheartedly agree politics have no place in your postings or mine, however I have been caught up in it also. I normally could care less about everything political. My personal opinion is all sides are corrupt.
    Reading about your everyday life(Willy included)does help me/us identify more closely with you on a more personal level which I/we don’t get with other authors.

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    • Thanks Jack. I agree about the politics on Facebook and it was sucking me in. Which is why I’m moving off Facebook other than my author page which will only feature my books. I’m going to try to avoid anything political as I detest everything it has become. There’s no solution and I as one person won’t make a difference in the shape of our government. I hope we all survive what is coming. I’ll still be posting here on my blog all the good stuff that makes me happy. This blog is linked to my Facebook personal page so whatever I post here will show in Facebook. But I’m not posting directly on my personal page. My author page is at if you don’t have the link.Thanks again, Bob.


  8. Karen Dahl says:

    I lost respect for lots of people on and off Social Media on BOTH sides.
    Where Facebook is concerned, I deactivated Oct 31. I am still seeing the same garbage on my feed, so I’ll probably leave again. Facebook was a means of keeping in contact with people I know, it has become a weapon of mass destruction….

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