Ghost Squad 8 Now Out

Posted: January 16, 2017 in Uncategorized

ACX has released the eighth book of the Ghost Squad series, “Ghost Squad 8 – Ghost Writer” and it’s now available on, Amazon and iTunes. Here’s the synopsis for the story: “Detroit Police Detective Russ Baker is in charge of cold cases and with his partner, Mary, and their ghostly friend and partner, Wes Loomis, they have to solve murders to be able to send the victims’ spirits to the hereafter.
He was a ghost writer for a few famous authors, but he grew tired of being in the background. His tell-all article would blow the whistle on those famous authors. Will the Ghost Squad solve who murdered the ghost writer? Wes announces that one of the suspects is also a serial killer. Now they have two cases to tie up.
Murder, mayhem, humor, ghosts galore, and lots of fun are in store in this paranormal ghost crime story by Bob Moats. This book is a novella.”


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