A Parable

Posted: January 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

There was a carpenter ant who lived in a nice small ant hill with other carpenter ants. It was a nice ant hill, they would love, work hard and share good thing with the others. They worked hard to keep up their home until one day a plague crept in. Fire Ants. The descended on the ant hill and caused disruption, hate and anger. They felt they should takeover the peaceful ant hill and made a fuss about who would be their leader. The one peaceful carpenter ant decided he had enough of the terrible things happening to his beloved city and couldn’t take it anymore. He packed a few belongings and went out of the city to the forest. He found a tree and climbed high to an opening in the crook of a branch and nestled in. He had shelter and lots of leaves to eat. Each evening he would come out on the branch to look down at the ant hill he once loved, and he felt pain. It was still over-run with the fire ants spreading their hate. How he wished a flash flood would come through to wipe out the ant hill, so he could return to start over. But time was slow at doing things he wished for. There was no great ant to grant this wishes, so he waited patiently, knowing one day it would all blow up for the fire ants. Their corrupt leader would ruin their lives and they would abandon the hill and he could once again return to his beloved Facebook as the carpenter ants originally called their city. He quietly slipped back into his tree hole and lived alone peacefully for now.


  1. Maggie says:

    Excellent…and understood. I think about you often and really want to follow your lead. I’m feeling much the same way. I had hoped it would have gotten better after Friday, but it has gotten worse. The end, for me, is near.


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