Facebook Memories

Posted: January 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

Do you have a facebook account? All the posts you put up over the time you’ve been on Facebook are just memories now. A few years back I found a way to be able to save those posts, and photos, off of Facebook so I didn’t lose them if my account went down. It’s a company called My Social Book and they will copy all your posts and foolishness that you have done. I started collecting books covering from the first time I joined Facebook in 2009, up to my newest book for 2016, which I received today. The price is reasonable for the quality that you receive and you can chose which time frame you want, one month, six months or the whole year. The company is at http://www.mysocialbook.com. Here’s a video I made today to show you the book. No, I’m not cross-eyed, I was watching the camera to be sure I would get everything in the frame.


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