Casino Murders

Posted: February 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

Here is the synopsis for the 38th book of the Jim Richards series. The book will be available for sale sometime in the next week.

Jim and Penny have retired from their respective jobs and are getting bored. Penny is even wanting a good murder case right now, much to Jim’s surprise. A trip to the office results in two missing person cases, which they take. Investigating, they find a third missing person and all three are connected to a local casino. After talking to Angelo, they find there is a possible heist going to happen at the casino. They bring in Trapper, Earl, Buck and Detective Greg Warren to help stop the attack and possibly find the missing men. Trapper and Earl go undercover at the casino to watch a two million dollar display that Jim feels will be the target. Penny has applied and received her P.I. license and is now part of the team, but Jim doesn’t want her to get hurt in the heist. Will they stop the robbery and find the missing men?

All in a day’s work for Jim and his crime fighting crew in this 38th book of the series.


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