Facebook VS MeWe

Posted: March 31, 2018 in Uncategorized


I have been  on Facebook for almost nine years. The reason I joined was because my brother recommended it and I wanted to promote my books. I was also on Twitter, but that place was slowly changing with too many people now posting too many things. I got lost in the mess. So I concentrated on Facebook and started to gather ‘friends” as they are called. It was fun while it stayed sane, but in recent years it has changed. First, Facebook started to pull little stunts like plopping a video ad in the middle of a video you are watching. Sure it’s a short video, but it’s a commercial none the less. I hate those and usually scroll on and miss the rest fo the cute video I was trying watch. They changed things so not everyone was seeing my posts, which didn’t settle well with me.

Now the political climate has changed and I was seeing more hostile comments and posts being made. I’m not political, but some things just frosted my cookies and I would occasionally post my feelings. This usually met with harsh criticisms to the point I was not happy with the people who spewed their hateful comments. I have “unfriended” a couple people over this. I’m not going to get into the greater depths of why people were getting mean, just lets say  it was because of our politicians doing stupid things led by the head thug. Okay enough of that.

Between the ads and politics and with the new privacy issues facing Facebook, I have gotten weary of it all. To make matters worse, I joined Facebook to promote my books and now the post I make are liked by the same 10 to 30 people, every time. I had hoped for new blood to buy my books. I even tried promotions to give away books and gifts to get people to share with others about my books. That didn’t do a thing for sales. Last year I had the worse sales since I started, and I’m living off my social security now.

I had to get away from Facebook, but where was there to go? One of my friends posted a comment about a social media website called mewe.com so I went there and checked it out. It is simple, not complicated and works well. Not as good as Facebook, yet, but it looks the same, they will improve. Plus they say they don’t share our information and there are NO ADS. I joined and in three days, I’m liking it. I can keep certain people from posting on my timeline by clicking a button. Lots of good things about it and then I read that the true inventor of the Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee tweeted about MeWe and he likes it. Here’s the link if you’d like to read his comments:  post: https://twitter.com/timberners_lee/status/976553383564840962

I am still too new to mewe but I’m enjoying what I see. However, I’m a bit lonely right now as I only have four “contacts” as they call friends. So other than one person, Amy Morningstar, posting, it’s just me and her on my timeline. I’m hoping more of my Facebook friend will join and get in on the posts. Here’s the link to my page: mewe.com/i/bob.moats

Please stop and join, it’s painless and simple. Then you can send me a contact request so we can chat and post.




  1. I am joining MeWe. I am tired and weary of being judged, censored and being jailed without a trial. There is no way to protest or defend my view points with Face Book. They are arbitrary left wing Anti-Trump and Pro-Obama. I hope my friends will follow me. Love, Mary


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