bobfacecu-200Sixty-seven year old Detroit area resident, Bob Moats, has been writing short stories and plays for as long as he can remember. He has lost most of his original stories, typed or handwritten, in the numerous moves he has made from his hometown of Fraser, Michigan to Northern Michigan, to Las Vegas and back to Fraser, where he now lives. He also wrote the juvenile short fantasy novel “Crystal Prison of Kyr” and is a published playwright with his three act comedy “Happily Ever After”.

Moats became one of the causalities of unemployment early in 2009, and had time on his hands to finally pursue a life long dream of writing a full blown crime novel. Thus was born the first book, “Classmate Murders”.

What followed was a series of 37 books starting with “The Classmate Murders” which introduces the main character, Jim Richards, who has to admit he has become a senior citizen, reluctantly. Richards, one day, receives an email from a childhood sweetheart asking for his help, but by the time he reaches her, she has been murdered. His life turns around and he is pulled into numerous murders of women from his high school who he hasn’t seen in forty years. Along with a friend of his, Buck, a big, mustached biker, they go off to track down the killer before he can get to one former classmate, Penny Wickens, a TV talk show host who Jim has renewed a childhood crush while protecting her. The killer is also murdering the women right out from under police protection, driving homicide detective Will Trapper crazy, and he slowly depends on Jim to help. There’s humor, suspense, wild chases across suburban Detroit with cops, classic cars and motorcycle clubs; murder, mayhem, a good amount of romance and a twist ending.

Previews and comments are available on murdernovels.com.

Bob has six other series, See list below.

I murder people for fun & profit. Find out how I get away with it at murdernovels.com!

Now Available: The Jim Richards Murder Novels (in order) – Classmate Murders * Vegas Showgirl Murders * Dominatrix Murders * Mistress Murders * Bridezilla Murders * Magic Murders * Strip Club Murders * Made-for-TV Murders * Mystery Cruise Murders * Talk Show Murders * Sin City Murders * Black Widow Murders * Vegas Vigilante Murders * Area 51 Murders * Mortuary Murders * Hypnotic Murders * Sunshine State Murders * Blue Suede Murders * Honky Tonk Murders * Dark Carnival Murders * Lipstick Murders * Pasta Murders * Talent Show Murders * Shyster Murders * Campground Murders * Network Murders * Reunion Murders * Big Apple Murders * Kennel Murders * Trick or Treat Murders * Santa Murders * Wiseguy Murders * Toxic Murders * Private Eye Murders * Lonely Hearts Murders
READ about Jim Richards as a young man in the novella – Marriage Can Be Murder

My new paranormal ghost crime series – Ghost Squad 1 * Ghost Squad 2: Ghosts on the Loose * Ghost Squad 3: Mary Had a Little Ghost * Ghost Squad 4 – Haunted Train Station * Ghost Squad 5 – Haunted Asylum * Ghost Squad 6 – Ghost Bride * Ghost Squad 7 – Death in the Family * Ghost Squad 8 – Ghost Writer * Ghost Squad 9 – Dressed to Haunt.

New Book – The Leviticus Murders – Detective Scott Murphy series book #1 * Last Call in Detroit – Detective Scott Murphy series book #2 * Seduction in Detroit – Detective Scott Murphy series book #3

* The Fatal Series – Fatal Rejection * Fatal Departure * Fatal Romance * Fatal Outbreak * Fatal Abduction * Fatal Seance
* The Doyle, P.I. series – Doyle’s Law * Doyle’s Justice * Doyle’s Quest * Doyle’s Paradise * Doyle’s haunting
* NEW for 2015 – The Gus Mackie novella series – Gus Mackie and the Hot Tamale * Gus Mackie and the Missing Princess * Gus Mackie and the Weeping Wife * Gus Mackie and the Lost Heiress * Gus Mackie and the Rock Star
* NEW! – Stoney Hawk – female P.I.
* Also Bob’s first juvenile book, “Crystal Prison of Kyr”

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  1. Wayne Bessett says:

    I have read all the Jim Richards novels that you have written so far and give them a five star rating.
    I have just finished the first “Doyle’s Law”. I have enjoyed it very much except that after reading it, I didn’t understnd why the murder hired Doyle in the first place.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ralph Vogel says:

    Bob, I was wondering if you are aware of typo’s in just about every one of your on line books? My wife said that these books are copied by a typist handling ebooks and are the one’s making the mistakes. If it is your editor Val , tell her to double check her spell check program. Words missing, etc. Into the last of the James Richard books. Enjoy them .


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