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Second Jake Wyler Mystery

Posted: November 16, 2017 in Uncategorized


I’m now at the halfway point in writing this new book. Seems that an old classmate from high school has reappeared and Jake’s lady friend, Becky, is shocked to see him. He is the father of her son, Paul, and he abandoned them after Paul was born. Over the years, she’s built up a hate for the man, but when he is murdered she becomes the number one suspect. Will Jake prove that Becky didn’t murder the man? More bodies are turning up at Jake’s cemetery, it seems a woman has murdered her husband and wants Jake to bury him.

On another note, just to show you that a cemetery can be sold, which is why Jake bought one, here’s a photograph of the cemetery that I based my stories on. It’s still for sale. No, this is not a joke, it really is for sale and Jake bought it (in the story).


Anyone want to buy a cemetery?

Six Feet Down

Posted: November 3, 2017 in Uncategorized

My new book “Six Feet Down” has been released on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and Kobo. Here’s the synopsis:

Jake Wyler bought a cemetery. It was one of those impulse buys and now he was having to spend a large portions of his life savings to be a property owner. He had returned to his hometown to find his life turned upside down and involved in murder, missing money and love letters. Jake has no idea how to run a cemetery and since the former owner was murdered, he was now really lost. It seems Jake gave the former owner the purchase money in cash and someone murdered him for the money, hidden in the house on the cemetery property. Jake and the son of his lady friend turn the house over to find the hidden cash and come up with nothing. Two times the house had been broken into and was almost the cause for Jake’s own murder. A new book about an ordinary guy caught in mysteries and dead bodies. This book is a novella.



Here’s the first review on Amazon:

This story will pull you in quickly, “Six Feet Down”.
on November 2, 2017
 Bob Moats has done it again.
Jake Wyler returns to his hometown after retiring from a Govt. job. On a whim he stops at a For Sale sign posted outside the old Fraser Cemetery. Memories from his youth come back to Jake and he decides to call the number on the sign. Thus begins an adventure for Jake: a renewal of on old friendship, a murder in Jake’s newly purchased Cemetery and the solution to a Cold Case. A lot of action within a very skillfully written Novella.
This book is an easy read with just the right amount of suspense, humor and a little bit of romance. I liked it very much and sincerely hope that it’s the beginning of a new friendship with another of Bob’s creations.


Publishing Your Indie Book

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For the last five or so years I have been using an indie publishing service called Draft 2 Digital, where I have all 73 of my books listed. It’s a totally free distribution service that lists your books to places like: iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo (including Kobo Plus), Inktera (formally Page Foundry), Scribd, 24Symbols, Tolino, Playster, and OverDrive (libraries). D2D, as I call them, are working to include Amazon, Ingrams and Google Play in their list of places to sell your books. I was once with Smashwords, but I grew tired of all the hassle to get my books listed. D2D couldn’t be any simpler to list your book and you can choose which retailer you want each book to go to. If you need to make a change in your book after it’s distributed, it’s very easy and the changes will appear quickly, sometimes the same day depending on the retailer.

It’s easy to set up your account and then start listing your books. They do need a cover image, a book synopsis and the book file should be in Word. They do all the formatting for you. Your book will appear in the retailers fast and I’ve had most of my books listed on the retailers the same day I entered the information.

They now have new templates that can stylize your chapter headings and even include Drop caps. If you need a copy of the Kindle file .mobi or standard .epub file of your book you can download one at any time and use it anywhere you want.

Royalties are paid out monthly to your bank by direct deposit, Paypal, Payoneer or by check. Royalties are as good as what Amazon is offering and the dashboard shows you how much you’ve made and what book sold at which retailer. There’s a lot more to D2D which is why I’m providing the FAQ they have on their website. Please read it all, I’m sure you’ll find answers to any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What file types can Draft2Digital convert?

The easiest and most popular format is a Word document. Upload your story in Word .doc or .docx format, and we’ll convert it into an ebook. RTF should work fine, too. Anything Word can read, we can read.

What if I don’t need conversion? Can I just upload a formatted epub?

If you already have an epub of your own, we’ll accept that as well. We won’t make any changes, but we’ll gladly distribute it to all our digital stores for you.

What file types does Draft2Digital create?

Our conversion process creates a beautiful, high-quality epub for us to distribute to your choice of digital stores.  You’ll also have access to a similarly beautiful .mobi and PDF.

Where’s your style guide?

We don’t have one. At Draft2Digital, our goal is to support your style guide.

If you don’t have a style guide, or if you’d like some direction on creating a simple one, do these things:

Unless you already have one you like, skip the title page and copyright page. Don’t even write them. Just give us the story, and let us do the technical parts.

Mark your chapter breaks with something distinctive, and be consistent. Make it centered and bold, or larger font, or use a Heading style. Do something to set apart your chapter titles, and we’ll do our best to recognize them.

That’s enough for our tools to build a beautiful ebook out of your manuscript.

This all sounds great, but it’s an automated system. What if there are problems with my book?

We’ve got you covered. After all, we’re famous for our customer service. You can call our support line and talk to a real human being during our regular business hours, or send us an email any time.

Visit our Contact page for all the ways you can reach out to us, and we’ll get your problem solved quickly.

What’s it going to cost me to get a beautiful paperback?

Only the cost of the printed book. Just like our ebook formatting, we’ll convert your manuscript into a professional-quality paperback with the check of a box, at no additional charge.

The generated paperback is one-size-fits-all, but we’re confident it will impress the majority of users. Just download the PDF we mentioned earlier and take a look. (If you have more complicated requirements or desire more hands-on control, we’ll still work with you at no charge, but the process will take longer.)

Where can Draft2Digital distribute my books?

Our current partner stores include:


Barnes & Noble

Kobo (including Kobo Plus)

Inktera (formally Page Foundry)





OverDrive (libraries)

Do I have to distribute to all of Draft2Digital’s partner stores?

Not at all! When you publish a book through us, you choose which stores you want us to distribute to. And making these selections is as easy as clicking a checkbox.

What happens when you add a new store?

We’re always looking for great new opportunities for you, but when we add new stores in the future, we won’t make any assumptions about your books. We’ll just let you know the option exists. If you do wish to distribute to the new store, we’ll give you the opportunity to opt in easily.

What new stores are you working to add?

We want to support as many digital stores as possible. We’re currently pursuing distribution agreements with:


Google Play


We’ll watch for more opportunities as they become available. In the meantime, if you would like to see support for a sales channel not mentioned above let us know at

Will you really turn my book into a paperback?

We have phased out our print distribution through CreateSpace, now that Amazon has made it easier for authors to upload formatted, print-ready PDFs.

We do create paperbacks for any books generated through our conversion service (that is, everything except pre-formatted epub uploads). As part of the publishing process, we’ll give you the option of downloading a print-ready PDF file that you can use to create a paperback at any of the most popular print-on-demand services.

Can I list my book for free?


How do I change the price of a published book?

You can change your book’s suggested list price just as simply as you set it the first time. When you visit the book’s Publishing page, enter a new price, and click Publish.

To do this, edit your book and skip to the Publishing page by clicking Publishing in the stages arrow at the top of the page.

Can I control the price in other currencies?

Yes! When you publish, you’ll enter your book’s list price in US dollars. By default, we convert the provided price into the various currencies of your selected digital stores using the currency conversion rate at the time of publishing.

If you’d like more control over the price, however, you can click the link labeled Manage Territorial Prices directly below the Book Price field. There, you’ll be able to set the exact price in any of our supported currencies.

Can I set up a pre-order for my next book?

Yes, easily! You can set up pre-orders to nearly all Draft2Digtial store partners as far out as ninety days to a year in advance of your chosen release date. You aren’t even required to have a final manuscript or cover, as long as you upload those things no less than ten days before release. We recommend pre-orders as a way to capture readers’ interest prior to the book’s launch and build up a powerful boost to your sales rank on release day.

What’s all this going to cost me?

Draft2Digital has no up-front charges for any of our services (formatting, conversion, distribution, and sales tracking).

We make a percentage of each of your books’ sales, so we don’t get paid unless you get paid. Our fee at most digital stores is approximately 10% of the retail price (it’s technically 15% of the net royalties).

How will Draft2Digital pay me?

After you’ve created an account, you’ll be able to choose a payment method:

Check (we’ll need a mailing address)

Paypal (we’ll need an email address)

Direct deposit (we’ll need your account routing information)

Payoneer (you’ll need an account with them)

Since these payment methods all come with fees, we’ll hold your royalties until they add up to a minimum threshold ($25 for checks, $20 for Payoneer, and $10 for international direct deposit, and $0 for all other digital payments), but otherwise we’ll deliver payments once a month.

When will I get paid?

Our digital stores all have different policies on their payments. Most of them delay payments by about 60 days after the end of the month in which the sale happens. We can’t control that, but whatever we get (no matter when the sale happened), we’ll send along to you in your next monthly payment.

Will Draft2Digital withhold taxes for me?

US Publishers: If you’re a United States’ citizen using a US tax ID, Draft2Digital will not withhold any taxes. We will report your earnings to the IRS, in accordance with US tax law.

International Users: Draft2Digital is required to withhold 30% income tax for all international publishers and submit that to the IRS. We’ll do that by default, with no extra effort on your part.

If your country has a tax treaty with the US, you can submit a completed IRS W8 form (most commonly W8-BEN or W8-BEN-E) stating that you’re exempt from US taxes. Once we have this form on file, we’ll pay you the royalties based on the terms of the tax treaty.

How long does it take to publish a book?

A few minutes, even if you have to set up your account first.

Upload your book, fill in some sales information (title, description, sales categories, and search terms), and choose a list price. We’ll handle the rest.

How long will it take for my book to show up after I publish it?

Once you click Publish, we’ll immediately start posting the project to the digital stores you’ve selected. However, the time it takes to show up on their sites is outside our control. The average delay is somewhere between two hours and two weeks. Every digital store provides its own range.

What are your cover art requirements?

For best results, give us a JPEG at 1600×2400. But really, all we need is a tall rectangle.

We’ll accept most standard image formats, and resize whatever you upload to meet the requirements of the sales channels you choose.

Do you provide cover art, editing, or other author services?

Draft2Digital does not currently offer these services directly. However, we do have a list of freelancers and other companies offering those services that we endorse. Please refer to our Partners page for links to their websites, portfolios, and email addresses.

What if I’ve already published my book somewhere else?

If you’ve already published your book through another distributor, you can still use Draft2Digital to expand your reach and simplify your project maintenance for all other digital stores.

We don’t acquire rights or require any kind of exclusivity, so you can do whatever you want with your book. Once you’ve seen what we can do, we’re confident you’ll decide to list all your books with us.

Does Draft2Digital provide ISBNs?

We do! We’ll automatically assign an ISBN to any book published through our system free of charge.

Does a free ISBN give Draft2Digital any special control over my book?

No. The ISBN recording agency will consider Draft2Digital the “publisher of record” for any ISBN we own, but that label does not give us any rights to your work. All of our digital stores will continue to show the publisher name you choose.

Can I provide my own ISBN if I already have one?


Where’s the fine print?

You can read our current terms of service (with no obligations).

Can I use the converted epub anywhere else?

Yes. Anywhere.

Most other ebook conversion and distribution services will limit the ways you can use the books they make for you. At Draft2Digital, we’re proud of our products and confident in our service. Feel free to download your proof copy and use it however you want.

How does publishing with Draft2Digital impact my copyright?

It doesn’t. Draft2Digital acquires no ownership of any rights.

When you publish a project through our service, you give us permission to do the sort of copying and distribution necessary to release your book at our digital stores, but we never gain control of those rights. And you can revoke that permission at any time.

Can I sign up without a US mailing address/tax ID/bank account?

Yes. Draft2Digital’s service is available to authors and publishers anywhere in the world.

Give D2D a try, you can start with one book then add others after you’ve mastered the process. As I said, I have all 72 of my books listed and D2D does a great job of getting them out there.

If you are wanting to try D2D use this address please:

From my experience, they are worth the effort to publish your books.



Pink Noise to Sleep by

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If you know what “white noise” is, you probably have used it. I have a fan running both during my nap time and when I go to bed. Today on the Doctors TV show, Dr. Travis talked about “pink noise” and said it’s the sound of rain on the roof or ocean waves from a device that creates these and other sounds. He explained these sounds are better for relaxing and sleeping, according to sleep researchers. For years I’ve used a program on my computer called “Atmosphere Lite” that has dozens of sounds built in. I used rain on the roof and ocean waves and added a few seagulls in the background. I pulled out one of my smaller laptops and downloaded the program to use in my bedroom. I played it during my nap and I actually felt better when I woke. If you’d like to put the program on your computer, go to find the link where you can find the free version to download, the one I use. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles as the Deluxe edition, but it has enough to do the job.


The Hitman Returns

Posted: April 2, 2017 in Uncategorized

It has begun. My narrator Tom Force has started reading the chapters for “The Hitman’s Revenge” for the audiobook. Sounding great so far, hope to have this one done by the end of the month or around the beginning of May.


Good news for audiobook lovers. “Ghost Squad 9 – Dressed to Haunt” has been released to Audible, and then to Amazon and iTunes. Listen to Tom Force bring the characters to life. Check it out.


Hobby Project

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I get bored just writing my books so I have to have a diversion to keep my mind moving. Recently I was putting together Metal Earth steel models that are tiny and have tabs that hold the pieces together. Some were easy and some were frustrating, but I enjoyed making them. Recently, going through one of my external hard drives, I found a folder with some PDF prints of cars that I had bought but never made. They were to be printed on heavy paper, cut out, glued together to make a rather large model of some famous sports cars. I went back to the company that I bought them from,, and found a couple more models that I purchased. The one I’m working on now is the X-Wing fighter from Star Wars and it is going to be big. The body is over two feet long and quite detailed. The entire model is made from card stock paper, so I have to be careful handling the parts. Below are some photos I took in various stages of making the model.

This is not my model but it shows what it will look like when finished.


Here’s the printouts for the pieces to be assembled,


Here’s the nose of the fighter being assembled.


Here’s the body of the fighter, it’s over two feet long. I’m working on the wings now.


I don’t know this person, but it will give you an idea of the size of the model.


My next project after this is a huge R2D2.