Pink Noise to Sleep by

Posted: May 19, 2017 in Uncategorized

If you know what “white noise” is, you probably have used it. I have a fan running both during my nap time and when I go to bed. Today on the Doctors TV show, Dr. Travis talked about “pink noise” and said it’s the sound of rain on the roof or ocean waves from a device that creates these and other sounds. He explained these sounds are better for relaxing and sleeping, according to sleep researchers. For years I’ve used a program on my computer called “Atmosphere Lite” that has dozens of sounds built in. I used rain on the roof and ocean waves and added a few seagulls in the background. I pulled out one of my smaller laptops and downloaded the program to use in my bedroom. I played it during my nap and I actually felt better when I woke. If you’d like to put the program on your computer, go to find the link where you can find the free version to download, the one I use. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles as the Deluxe edition, but it has enough to do the job.


The Hitman Returns

Posted: April 2, 2017 in Uncategorized

It has begun. My narrator Tom Force has started reading the chapters for “The Hitman’s Revenge” for the audiobook. Sounding great so far, hope to have this one done by the end of the month or around the beginning of May.


Good news for audiobook lovers. “Ghost Squad 9 – Dressed to Haunt” has been released to Audible, and then to Amazon and iTunes. Listen to Tom Force bring the characters to life. Check it out.


Hobby Project

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I get bored just writing my books so I have to have a diversion to keep my mind moving. Recently I was putting together Metal Earth steel models that are tiny and have tabs that hold the pieces together. Some were easy and some were frustrating, but I enjoyed making them. Recently, going through one of my external hard drives, I found a folder with some PDF prints of cars that I had bought but never made. They were to be printed on heavy paper, cut out, glued together to make a rather large model of some famous sports cars. I went back to the company that I bought them from,, and found a couple more models that I purchased. The one I’m working on now is the X-Wing fighter from Star Wars and it is going to be big. The body is over two feet long and quite detailed. The entire model is made from card stock paper, so I have to be careful handling the parts. Below are some photos I took in various stages of making the model.

This is not my model but it shows what it will look like when finished.


Here’s the printouts for the pieces to be assembled,


Here’s the nose of the fighter being assembled.


Here’s the body of the fighter, it’s over two feet long. I’m working on the wings now.


I don’t know this person, but it will give you an idea of the size of the model.


My next project after this is a huge R2D2.

Spring Craft Show

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In case you missed coming to see me at the Winter Craft Show at Gibraltar Trade Center in Mt. Clemens, Michigan, you can see me in the Spring Craft Show March 17-19. This time I may bring Willy, but it will be Saturday and maybe Sunday. I have to set up my table on Friday for the opening and I don’t know how it will work for him. If all goes well, I’ll bring him. I’ve been getting my books ready and I should have enough for the display. Hope you can make it out to see me if you live close enough, but remind me to take a photo of us. I forgot last time and missed a few people. Here’s a photo of the poster for the show.


Casino Murders

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Here is the synopsis for the 38th book of the Jim Richards series. The book will be available for sale sometime in the next week.

Jim and Penny have retired from their respective jobs and are getting bored. Penny is even wanting a good murder case right now, much to Jim’s surprise. A trip to the office results in two missing person cases, which they take. Investigating, they find a third missing person and all three are connected to a local casino. After talking to Angelo, they find there is a possible heist going to happen at the casino. They bring in Trapper, Earl, Buck and Detective Greg Warren to help stop the attack and possibly find the missing men. Trapper and Earl go undercover at the casino to watch a two million dollar display that Jim feels will be the target. Penny has applied and received her P.I. license and is now part of the team, but Jim doesn’t want her to get hurt in the heist. Will they stop the robbery and find the missing men?

All in a day’s work for Jim and his crime fighting crew in this 38th book of the series.



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If you have been following my blog, you’ve probably seen me mention my dog, Willy. I named him after the Yorkie in my series of murder novels about Jim Richards and his wife Penny. My real life Willy is also a Yorkie, but I wanted to find out more about his breed. So after extensively researching internet websites for Yorkies, I have determined that Willy is an Australian breed of Terrier known as a Silky Terrier. He fits every detail from two websites, hair color, texture, his temperament, ears, body, etc, and as I read one detailed description, I could have sworn they were writing about Willy. I did check other Terrier breeds and they have enough differences to rule them out. This picture was just taken, and I should have brushed his fur to make him look pretty. Unfortunately, when I do brush him he will shake it out and look a mess again. So I give up. He’s also hard to photograph, he moves too quickly. I take six blurry photos to get one that looks good. Here’s to my little Silky Terrier. (Actually they all do look alike.)